Access Consulting (DDA)

While the basic intent of the building compliance is to ensure that members of the community, in particular, person with disability (PWD) are not discriminated against, there exists inconsistencies and complexities within all of the national, state, and local requirements in which requires specialised interpretation.

We offer our clients clear and concise DDA Access reviews to ensure national, state and local compliance of all common and public spaces, to ensure that members of the community with a disability are not discriminated against. We are your National DDA consultants in access for person with disability within Brisbane (QLD), Sydney (NSW) and Canberra (ACT).

Not limited to building compliance, Indesign’s’ practical and achievable advice and our tams in-depth qualifications offers our clients Expert Judgment and Performance Solution reporting to ensure seamless progression when the architectural design or on site construction cannot meet the Black & White constraints of building compliance or perhaps you just want to achieve an alternative method of design? “Property Development Solutions’.

Disability Access Airport - InDesign Access Canberra