Performance Solutions

At Indesign, we understand when installation on site cannot always meet the Black & White requirements of the National Construction Code and must be addressed in an alternative way.

Design For Access & Mobility - Indesign Access

We specialize in assisting companies resolve access issues and ensure hand over with absolute certainty that local and national legislative requirements have been met, we document and justify under the “Performance Based Approach”.

Recent alternative solutions:

  • A recent alternative solution (now, known as Performance solutions -May 2016) that derived from a discussion between the building owner and architect upon engaging Indesign Access, was now a request to reduce the clinical look of the accessible bathrooms in the proposed 6 Star ****** Hotel at design stage. The result was the installation of removable Grabrails, the installation of a non-clinical looking pan & cistern, a relocatable shower chair and the reduction of the overall bathroom floor area.
  • In the result of these changes, the owner will now be able to short term rent an extra 7 rooms overnight to the paying/general public and with a management plan in place knowing they are still accommodating for a person with a disability when needed.
  • Handrail extensions – AS 1428.1 2009 Clause 11 stair
  • Door circulation and latchside clearance ­­– AS 1428.1 2009 Clause 13 doorways
  • Threshold ramps– AS 1428.1 2009 Clause 10.5 Threshold Ramps
  • Deleting access via a passenger lift – industrial floor space
  • Ramp grades – AS 1428.1 2009 Clause 10 ramps

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